A process analysis and evaluation

PURPOSE: A process analysis and evaluation is a common genre within business writing. It is used to evaluate the effectiveness of various processes within a business and to discover and correct issues that may arise from those processes.

This paper will give you practice in analyzing a process and evaluating that process for effectiveness. Process Analysis and Evaluation Paper: Congratulations! Your resume and cover letter landed you the job. As a new pair of eyes, you have been asked by your employer to evaluate and analyze a process that the company uses. In order to complete this task, you will need to break down the process to show how it works and then evaluate the process to show how effective it is and recommend any changes to make the process better or more efficient.

Although you may not be familiar with processes in your new industry, for this paper you should choose a process with which you are already familiar, either from previous employment or prior experiences that can be translated to a business context. Some examples may be the hiring/onboarding process from a prior job or preparing for and leading a meeting.

If you are having trouble coming up with a process to analyze, send a message to your instructor via email or the virtual office.

A successful Process Analysis and Evaluation will include:

  • An introduction that identifies the process, what will be evaluated about the process, and what the analysis will focus on.
  • Body paragraphs that
    • explain in detail the necessary steps to the process
    • explain the reason for each step in the process (unless the reason is self-evident)
    • evaluate the process as a whole
  • A conclusion that provides closure and offers some perspective on the process. The conclusion could recommend changes to be made to the process and why those changes should be made. It could also explain why the process should not be changed.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • Four to six pages, typed and double-spaced
  • 1 inch margins
  • 12 pt Times New Roman or Calibri font
  • Name, course number, and date at top of first page, left-justified, single spaced
  • Title, centered at top of first page

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