Addictive Behavior Essay Exam

Instructions:  Answer all questions in complete sentences in paragraph form.  Remember this is an essay exam and responses are expected to be clear and thorough.  TWO-THREE Key Terms (language from the chapter) are to be applied for EACH Answer.  Key Terms need to be in BOLD Print, Underlined, or Highlighted.

  1.  What are some reasons that Uppers are the most widely used psychoactive drugs in the world? (15 points)
  2. What classifies Uppers as a stimulant? (15 points)
  3. What are the General Effects of Stimulants?  (20 points)
  4. Choose THREE of the Six principle stimulants (amphetamines; amphetamine congeners; look-alike & over-the-counter stimulants; miscellaneous plant stimulants; caffeine; and nicotine) and discuss their general effects as a psychoactive drug.  (25 points)
  5. Discuss the general effects of Cocaine and Crack Cocaine and include (25 points):
  6. History
  7. Application of use
  8. Physical & mental effects

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