This paper is a short research project on one of the topics listed below. It is to based on no less than three (3) on-line sources, not counting your textbook. (Do not use wikipedia). 

The paper should be 3-4 pages long, and it must include direct quotes from the sources, citations, and a works cited page (or bibliography). The paper must be structured according to either the MLA or APA method. The body of the paper should begin with an introduction that clearly states the thesis (main idea) and purpose, build an argument in succeeding paragraphs, and end with a conclusion. Avoid plagiarism of any kind, and submit only your own work. Please double space your paper and utilize a font of 12. If you submit the paper late, the grade will be penalized.

Select one of the following topics:

1. Research ONE ISSUE and discuss its importance in current American politics. Discuss the background and history of the issue, where political parties and interest groups stand on it, and contrasting views on the issue among the American public. In the final analysis, state your own view. You may choose ONE of the following issues: police reform, the Black Lives Matter movement, political effects of COVID-19, taxation (including tax reform), the federal budget, health care, immigration, trade policy, energy policy, gun control, abortion, prescription drug coverage, Social Security reform, U.S> relations with Russia, North Korea, Iran, OR China or another issue approved by Mr. Curcio.

2. Write a paper about the presidential election of 2020. What do you think were the major issues in last year’s election? What role did political parties, interest groups, and the media play in the election campaign? What were the results of the primary elections in 2020, and who emerged as the nominees of the Republican and Democratic parties? Discuss the results of last year’s election. What controversies surrounded the conclusion of the election?

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