ANOVA Assignment

A psychologist wanted to know if students in her class were more likely to cheat if they were low achievers. She divided her 60 students into three groups (low, middle, and high) based on their mean exam score on the previous three tests. She then asked them to rate how likely they were to cheat on an exam if the opportunity presented itself with a very limited chance for consequences. The students rated their desire to cheat on a scale ranging from 1-100, with lower numbers indicating less desire to cheat.

1. Before opening the data, what would you hypothesize about this research question?

2. Open the data set. Before running any statistical analyses, glance through the data. Do you think that your hypothesis will be supported?

3. Conduct descriptive analyses and report them here.

4. Conduct a one-way ANOVA. Report your statistical findings

5. What would you conclude from this analysis? What would be your next steps, if this were your research project?

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