Art Discussion Assignment


Please analyze the work of art below and discuss your “read” of the following Formal Elements and Principles (Chapter 2) and identify the style (Chapter 1):

Formal Elements: DESCRIBE: The use of Line, color, texture, value (light), and space (perspective).

Principles: DESCRIBE: unity (what element helps unifies the composition?), and emphasis (focal point).

IDENTIFY the type of balance used in this composition: symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial.

Identify the style: Is the work of art: Naturalistic? Representational? Abstract? Surreal? Expressionist? or Non-Objective?

Content (meaning): Give your “read” of the painting without doing any research, then research the painting’s content and compare it to your original reading of the painting.

HINT: This is NOT a wedding ceremony.

Who is being painted in Velazquez’s painting “Las Meninas” (The Maids of Honor)?

Is Velazquez looking at you or someone else?

In your opinion, what is the message?


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