Art Journal Activity: Art in Social Media:

Activity: Please search Social Media sites and select at least 5 LIVING visual artists whose work you appreciate or find interesting. 

 The selections must be visual artists, not make-up artists, not cosmetologist, not chefs, not carpenters, not commercial photographers, not crafters. 

 Explain why you like and find that particular artist’s work interesting. Choose at least two works of art from each artist that, in your opinion, are strong pieces. Take pictures or screen shots to capture the images. 

Please indicate where the artists are from (country or city, if stated on the social media site) and where the work is found: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, the artist’s personal website, etc.

Due Date: Please see below for the due date.

Minimum number of Art Journal slides or pages: 7 or more slides.

Materials: Internet, computer or device.

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