Assignment 2: Agile Marketing

While most business and marketing models allow for some flex, never was the need as great as over the 16 months due to the effects of the pandemic. Most production processes have set deadlines and rely on a previously established acquisition and delivery schedule of raw materials and other inputs. As for Marketing, recall that the 4 P’s (product, price, place, promotion) all revolve around each other; full knowledge of each element and coordination with the other elements must occur to ensure successful development and delivery of products and services consumers want and need. (chapters 10 – 13). With needs changing so rapidly, the marketing process had to readily change as well. And, this change is not likely to revert any time soon. Consumers have changed certain buying behaviors in order to adapt to the next normal and, as a result, marketers will need to adapt as well.

For this assignment (2), please do some light research on Agile Marketing. Describe Agile Marketing, its benefits, its challenges, and whether or not this might be a good technique for at least some companies to utilize coming out of the pandemic. The pandemic challenged companies in ways they would have never imagined and the government’s response while initially helpful, may now be a burden. Choose a company that was in the news during the pandemic. It can be one that was struggling or one that was thriving as we did have a few that did well. Do you believe the implementation of agile marketing will help certain companies or hinder their effort? Why? The company you choose can be the company you are working with for the final project.

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