Assignment 4.1

Your text states, “Typically, expanded and rich vocabularies correspond to items that are important to the culture” (pg. 79 in the 5th edition).  For example, in the United States, we have lots of words for technology. In contrast, Eskimos have lots of words for snow.

You are all members of different subcultures within US society, with vocabularies that reflect the interests or expertise of that group (i.e. students, cooks, birdwatchers, trekkies, health care providers, hunters, jocks, etc.) Pick a group that you identify with and tell me why this could be labeled a subculture. Then give me a list, with definitions, of 10 words that are unique or distinctive to that group. (Make sure these words are words that confer “insider” status. For example, birdwatchers might be “nice” or “weird”, but that is not unique to that group. Using the phrase “yellow-rump warbler” to describe a particular bird, is.)

Note: subcultures were discussed and defined in Chapter 2 of your text

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