Assignment: Build a Cell

Build a model of a prokaryotic cell using any material of your choice. In your model be sure to include all the structures appropriate to your cell. You may model a bacterial cell or an archaea. You will model at least 4 structures in any model.

Next, build a model of a virus using the same type of materials. You may choose any type of virus but be sure you can illustrate the key features of a virus (head shape for example).

Once complete, take multiple photographs of your models from all angles. Include these images in a document that also contains the following completed table format. You may need to add rows to your table depending on the type of prokaryote you model.

Once your model is complete, write a brief description of your cell and your virus. Emphasize features that are absent in viruses that classify them as non-living. You can refer to specific structures in your table in this explanation.

Some suggestions for 3D models include Legos, a decorated cake with candy toppings, or standard Styrofoam base with appropriate pieces attached. You can also draw or illustrate a model.

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