Assignment Instructions

Despite their dispersal throughout the world, Roma communities continue to feel and maintain a sense of Romanipe or Romani identity (re-read the analogy with “Jewishness” under the subheading “Romanipe” to understand this concept.)  

Describe any two cultural features described in the culture sketch that are important to maintaining a sense of Romani identity. (Cultural features include such things as:

 – a particular religious belief or their general approach to religion

 – traditional occupations or ways of making a living

 – marriage rules and practices

 – child-rearing approaches and practices

 – how group decisions are made and enforced

You don’t need to limit yourself to these options.  Each culture sketch will have some unique features that you may choose to write about in assignments that call for you include a discussion of “cultural features.”  You can use the same cultural features or different ones in each assignment.)

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