Base analysis on readings: Burkholder, Rankin, and Johnson.

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Essay topic:  Analyze the large-scale transformations that Europeans (mainly Spaniards and Portuguese) created in the Americas in the aftermath of the conquest.   Focus on at least three of the following major areas of change: political, economic, and cultural contexts.


  • Length:  750 words maximum
  • Essay should be typed and double-spaced. Cite all quotations and paraphrases. 
  • Writing is NOT a series of quotations.  Make it clear to the reader that you read the text.
  • Write a thesis statement (central argument) in your introduction, then develop your thesis and provide historical evidence (body of the essay), and end with a closing paragraph.

Use Chicago Manual of Style for all quotes and paraphrases.  Refer to examples:  [1] and [2]

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