Case Study: Question Overview

Using IRA methodology, thoroughly analyze the case summary below. You must enter your response as a text box below. Be sure to proofread your work for organization, spelling and grammar – as well as content. 

Kevin E. Sawyer is a physician. For several years, he served on the state medical board (referred to herein as the “Board”) and was the chairman of the Board’s Disciplinary Process Review Committee. The Board investigated an individual named Helen Phillips for violations of a Board rule. After she was found to be in violation of the rule, Phillips contacted members and staff of the Board complaining about Sawyer. Phillips created a website “to expose and reform the state medical board.”

Jackson F. Landell, M.D. became aware of Sawyer’s alleged conduct on the Board and that Sawyer had testified as an expert against physicians in over forty medical malpractice cases while on the Board. Landell wrote one editorial in a community newspaper complaining about the Board, without mentioning Sawyer. He wrote additional editorials describing the alleged denial of constitutional rights of physicians who appeared before Sawyer and the Board. Landell invited Phillips to be a guest on his radio program to share her experiences with Board and to describe her investigation into Sawyer’s dual roles as a Board member and an expert witness against physicians in medical malpractice cases. After Sawyer resigned from the Board, Landell wrote an article saying that Sawyer was forced off the board. He published the article on his website. The same letter was also published on the website for the national association of physicians.

Sawyer sued Landell and Phillips.

Discuss Sawyer’s claim(s) and the responses of Landell and Phillips. 

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