Chapter Fourteen Assignments and Objectives

5.1  Identify and list all of the different types and classifications of Agents and Agency relationships with Principals and Third parties.  

5.2  Identify and list the individual steps to take to create an agency.  

5.3  Identify and list the different duties that an Agent can perform on behalf of the Principal, as well as what the Agent cannot do on behalf of the Principal.

5.4  Identify and list the Agent’s and the Principal’s duties to each other as well as how to terminate an Agency.  

5.5  Identify, list and memorize all of the different types of employment relationships there are between employee and employer. (This specifically relates to General Objective 5)

5.6   List the types of liability an employer can incur as a result of the actions of his employee.  Chapter 5 deals with how criminal law can relate to business.  There is a brief discussion of the categories of crimes as well as the elements of different crimes.


Read Chapter Fourteen 


Chapter 14 Assignments

Chapter 14 Part 1:

Do the Discussion Question in the middle of page 350-answer this question fully, giving reasons for your answers. Your discussion should involve elements of employment law and elements of criminal law.  You should also fully discuss an agent’s duty to their employer as well as the duties that the agent violated in this situation.  Be sure to tell me who has legal ownership of the car and give the legal reasons for your answer.  This assignment must be long enough to fully discuss the questions in detail.

Be sure to review the rubric for this assignment.  Chapter 14 Part 1 Rubric

Chapter 14 Part 2:

Case Question #6 on page 351.  Meyers v. National Detective Agency, 281, A.2d 435, Ct. App., D.C. (1971)  (copy and paste this link )  This is a good discussion of when a master is liable for the negligence of his servant if at the time of the negligent act the latter is acting within the scope of his employment, and this liability applies even in instances where the servant, while disobeying his master’s orders injures a third party.  Tell me what the court said as to why or why not the employer could be liable in this case. 

Be sure to review the rubric for this assignment. Chapter 14 Part 2 Rubric