Curriculum Inception Project

Scenario for project

Assume that you are the curriculum designer for a school district. The school board has requested that several teams develop proposals for new curricula to meet newly established state standards. You and your team must develop the first proposal to provide as a pilot or model for the other teams. You have to first identify a specific curriculum area not currently used in the school district that would greatly benefit the students in the district. Use the Internet to develop a pilot curriculum for a specific discipline area such as reading, math, science, or for a grade level (K–12) at a local school district.

Instructions: Curriculum Inception

Write a 4–6 pages in which you:

● Describe the school district for which the pilot curriculum will be developed using information for the school district’s publications and/or website. Address the following characteristics: (a) geographical location, (b) demographics of the student population, (c) cultural influences (peer culture, race, ethnicity, regional), (d) regional accrediting body standards for curriculum development, (e) state and local policies and practices related to curriculum development.

● Describe the specific discipline and grade level(s) for which the pilot curriculum will be developed. ● Provide a rationale that proposes three benefits to the students of the pilot curriculum. ● Provide at least four core instructional goals of the curriculum, providing a rationale for the goals. ● Use at least three relevant, scholarly references published in the last seven years. (Note:

Wikipedia and other non government websites do not qualify as scholarly resources. Review the supplementary readings listed on the first page of the course guide for possible references.)

The specific learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

● Propose a pilot curriculum for a school district based on audience and need analysis.

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