Ethics Discussion Post

Prompt:  Please create a thread by responding to one of the following 4 statements, based on 1 of the 4 topics on which you have previously written.  After creating your thread, please respond to, at least three of the threads created by your classmates. 

Statement 1: I believe the fetus is a human being from the point of conception, therefore abortion is a violation of the due process clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments to the Constitution.  Please do not argue about viability because all humans are “in process” (changing daily), or “stages of development” from the point of conception until death.  With all due respect, distinguishing between a zygote, an embryo, and a fetus is just an issue of semantics.  Beside this, a baby is just as dependent upon another human five months after birth as five months before birth.

Statement 2: All Lives Matter is an illegitimate response to to the Black Lives Matter movement because blacks have never said that all lives do not matter.  The movement has simply maintained that black lives historically, and in practice, have mattered less than other lives.

Statement 3: It’s an extremely hot and humid day, quite miserable.  5 minutes after I walk outside my shirt is drenched with sweat.  A man can walk around without a shirt.  As a woman I feel I should be able to “go topless” if I desire.  Laws prohibiting this are nothing but gender discrimination, and unconstitutional.

Statement 4: I believe in legal immigration as my 4 grandparents were all legal immigrants.  They came the right way.  I do not believe the term “illegal immigrant” is inappropriate or derogatory.  If someone is in the country illegally then that is an accurate and proper description.  Besides, if people do not like the current law they can lobby to have Congress change it.  You just don’t disregard/ ignore it or break it.

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