Geology term paper

GEN 2060: Environmental Geology: Resources Summer 1 2021: Assignment 2

As noted in the Syllabus, this is worth 13% of your overall course score

Assignment Objective:

Not all students take exams as well as others. Further, the online course does not allow students to necessarily

explore the topics in which he or she might be most interested. The individual assignment is designed to enable

students to have a non-exam assessment component that they can use to explore a topic that does interest them.

Selecting a topic:

The topic can be on any environmental geology topic, but the topic must be approved by the instructor. Your instructor will make adjustments in case the topic you pick is too big, too small, improperly classified (some topics might be environmental law or environmental policy rather than environmental geology), or already

taken by another student. You must nominate your topic to the instructor by June 8th at 11:59pm. Your instructor will review your proposed topic and get back to you by the end of the day on June 10th.

The format of this term paper

Your paper must be 6 to 9 pages long, excluding references or figures. You must use double spacing and 12-

point font. You must use references (with citations within the text) for any facts that come from another source.

You must submit the work as a *.pdf file or a word document. You must upload your submission on

Blackboard by the deadline (June 25th, 2020 at 11:59 pm). An automatic plagiarism check will be applied to your submission. Don’t resubmit a paper you wrote any part of for another class.

Grading Rubric

The rubric that will be used for grading is the following:

Grammar, formatting, sentence structure: 20%

Organization and clarity of argument: 10%

Correctly using references with citations within text: 10%

(Possible penalty for excessive reliance on internet-only references is 10%)

Discussion of the main topic of the paper 60%

That is, 20% each for correctness, completeness (thoroughness), and critical analysis of topic)

Submitting your final work by the Deadline

Blackboard submissions can be technically challenging sometimes. Do not attempt to submit yours in the final

minutes before the deadline, something may go wrong. In particular, Mac user have sometimes found that some

computer versions, browser versions, etc. are not compatible with Blackboard. In such a situation, you may

want to mail the document to yourself and attempt the submission of the paper on a Windows-based machine.

If you submit the work in any other format, you will not be given a score. Your paper will be automatically be checked by plagiarism software within Blackboard. Sometimes, you may see a report that “6% of your paper matches another paper or a web site.” A score that high can happen simply as a result of a few quotations from another source. But as long as you have cited each quotation within the text, that does not constitute plagiarism.

If you are unfamiliar with how to cite your work within the text or how to reference other works, please consult

a librarian on campus. They can help you become more familiar with that format. Some disciplines use different formats, but you may use the format from your own or your favorite discipline.

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