Ideal Organization

The purpose of Ideal Organization paper is to create an ideal organization of your choice reflecting on human behavior and the social environment.  If you were to create an organization what would it look like?  Who are the people you would want to help?  How would you help them?  Where would the organization be located?  What is the organization’s Mission and Vision statement?  What would you call the organization?  How would you have the organization funded? 

We will be covering all these points and more in individual assignments that will be part of your final research paper.  The paper will be 15-pages in length not including your cover page or reference page.  Remember you will be working toward the final paper as you complete the homework assignments.

This is a Research Paper therefore cited work MUST be in all your assignments to back up the information you are including in your paper.

Your first assignment:  Upload as a WORD Document.

1.  Decide who you would like to help.   For example: People in addictions, child abuse, women in domestic violence, people in poverty, teen pregnancy, immigrants, veterans, homeless, etc.

2.  What is the Name of your Organization?

3.  Create a Mission Statement.  A mission statement tells the public what the organization is about and how it can help them. It describes an organization’s fundamental, unique purpose.  It communicates the value the nonprofit delivers, and what groups it serves and how.  Therefore, the best nonprofit mission statements are a succinct (very clear and precise) encapsulation of: Why your nonprofit exists.  It needs to be no more than TWO paragraphs.

4..  Create a Vision Statement.  A vision is a shared belief about the future your nonprofit can create if it achieves all its goals.  A vision statement is a concise, clear, well articulated set of words that describe your organization’s vision in internal and external stakeholders.  In other words, the vision statement is for you, your employees, the Board of trustees, and  financial donors.  It no more than two paragraphs.

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