Individual and Group Behavioral Theories Applied to the Workplace


In your role as a consultant for Workplace Solutions Consulting, you are typically working at customer sites and from a home office when not on travel. You take advantage of technology to stay connected to your team and management to keep current on your project and developments at company headquarters.

We have initially explored the benefits and challenges inherent in being a remote employee on a virtual team for Workplace Solutions Consulting LLC in Discussion: Individual Personalities and Behaviors. Let’s turn our attention to the team dynamic of how individuals work together, blending skills, experience, and most important, personalities to achieve goals.

Your Task

Part I

Using the Myers-Briggs Indicator methodology, what four letter code would best represent a personality best suited for this remote location/virtual team workplace situation? Why?

Part II

How does the balance between individuality and conformity affect individuals in a team environment? How much structure do you feel is appropriate for a successful team?

Part III

Considering the Big Five personality assessment model (OCEAN), to what extent do you believe these traits would be impacted if the work environment were to be changed to a strictly-structured physical workplace setting?

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