Management Question

A group of classmates will play the role of departmental managers, and you will be the external consultant engaged by MMI to support the development of critical thinking in the management team.

This will be an opportunity to support the departmental managers to apply critical thinking skills in the workplace.

Choose one of the following topics to address during the session:

a. How to introduce recycling in the workplace

b. How to reduce waste in the workplace by reusing (example: paper, food containers etc..)

c. Choose a staff wellbeing practice to implement in the workplace (example: exercise, healthy eating, support others) and explain why that practice is a priority

d. How to improve cultural intelligence in the workplace

e. Develop a new product idea by associating a random brand with a product (the product must reflect the brand). Examples to choose from: Rolex and mushrooms; Ferrari and a mop; Chanel and pasta.

f. How to eliminate gossiping in the workplace

Prepare for the session by planning how to facilitate it, choosing the most suitable critical and creative thinking technique/s, and researching the topics to support an informed discussion.

During the session

·       Welcome the participants

·       Explain the aim of the session

·       Outline the structure of the session and any discussion rules

·       Explain the decision-making process

·       Use the session to build rapport with the managers and support them in establishing a bond

·       Facilitate the session

·       Encourage everyone to participate

·       Champion critical and creative thinking

·       Coach and mentor the managers as needed

·       Note down how each participant performed during the session to provide them with feedback

After the session

·       Provide feedback to the managers about their performance during the session and their use of creative and critical thinking.

·       Advise the managers on how to improve critical and creative thinking.

·       Summarise the advice and feedback provided to each manager

Feedback and Advice -Summary

Reflect on the session and address the points below:

What topic did you choose?

What creative and/or critical thinking technique/s did you use during the session? Why?

What was the outcome of the session? What decisions were made at the end of the brainstorming session?

How did the participants perform during the session?

How did you ensure that all managers participated in the session? How did you engage them?

What did you do well?

What could you improve?

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