Maps In The News 4

Agricultural Revolution, Green revolution, Subsistence agriculture, Commercial agriculture, Slash-and-burn agriculture, Sustainable agriculture, Bulk_gaining industry, Bulk_reducing industry, Cottage industry, Fordist production, Industrial revolution, Just-in time delivery, Outsourcing, Right-to-work law, Central place theory, Consumer service, Hinterland, Primate city, Urbanization.

Refer to Map in the News Directions and Rubric under –> Assignment Directions.

1) Find a current event in the news that relates directly to your selected topic within a geography framework. the news article cannot be older than 6 months and it MUST show a map.

2) Cite your news source in APA format, including a link to the article.

3) Summarize what you learned from the news article and how it relates to your selected topic.

4) Post this summary directly into the discussion thread using copy and paste.

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