Paleolithic Art Homework Assignment

Now that you have witnessed the depth and complexity of prehistoric art, let us be inspired by what we have seen to create our own images. 

I. Your task is to draw with charcoal or pencil, and to the best of your ability, an image depicting an animal that you consider sacred or spiritual. Don’t worry how it looks, but use the style of the cave art for inspiration. Keep it simple. What is more important is the animal that you choose and why. For example horses appear often in cave art. Horses to this day are an animal loved and adored and respected by most everyone. There are many options to choose from both extinct and existing animals. 

II. Along with this, submit a written portion of a small paragraph (like the length of your “What is Art” definitions) highlighting your favorite part about our Paleolithic Art lesson. What did you learn that was the most interesting to you that you never knew before?

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