political and economic realities

What are the political and economic realities associated with rent control policies

Real Estate Operational and Pricing Essay Assignment Instructions


The operational elements of residential and commercial real estate must be understood before complex Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR) data can be gathered, computed and analyzed. DiPasquale and Wheaton (1992) begin this week’s discussion of operational elements of real estate by stating that the real estate market is really two markets: market for real estate space and market for real estate assets (article posted in this week’s reading list). The distinction between the two is most clear when the buildings are not occupied by their owners. In purchasing a home, the annual payments that a household can afford are determined by income. Operational elements in the capital market determine the conversion rate of payments into a purchase price. The scenario where interest rates are low and inflation high will dictate families will pay more for the property. Same for investors in rental property. Before answering this week’s four RQs you should have completed the reading assignments for Week Three.InstructionsThis essay has four Research Questions (RQs), for each RQ you must provide these three separate components: theory>research>analysis.

NOTE: The more each student knows about the theory associated with each research question the more precise and in-depth the research agenda will become. In addition, a strong theory and research section will also guide the analysis section (the last section). The analysis section is where each student will thoughtfully contemplate the theory and research and then “analytically” connect the two. In your professional careers the analysis section will guide the company. In grad school your analysis section should be connected to your course.


Are vacancy rents and vacancy rates positively or negatively related?


Apartment demand is directly related to population and the number of persons in the 18-35 age group. Thinking of these factors of demand: demographics, consumer tastes and preferences, Corporate Social Responsibility, society/cultural and technology. Research these factors as these relate to decreasing apartment vacancy rates. Choose one factor, discuss the theory>conduct the requisite research agenda>finally, analyze how real estate developers could incorporate your theory and research into building a new apartment complex?


What are the political and economic realities associated with rent control policies?


Current demand for industrial real estate has been increasing, what factors are causing this positive shift in demand?

Length of this assignment is minimum of five pages of text excluding title page and reference page(s).

Format of assignment is the most current APA Guidelines.

Number of citations required is eight, please provide at least two scholarly resources for each Research Question (RQ) and parenthetically cite within the text.

Acceptable sources are Scholarly Resources (regardless of the date of publication), Popular Sources, Professional Real Estate Trade Sources and Books/Book Chapters

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Each student will have three draft attempts to earn an acceptable plagiarism score (<41%).

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