professional and community relationships

As we design professional and community relationships, we need to front-load the process to create a better chance of success and productivity by all members of the group.

Using Fullan, Cuttress, and Kilcher’s eight key components (LISTED BELOW) to creating effective and lasting change, merge your understanding of those components with your Unit II Essay and the needs of your faculty, staff, and community members. Write a two-page summary titled Essay on Change: Next Steps addressing the following two questions:

1. What can I do that can help build stronger and more meaningful professional relationships internally?

2. What can I do that can help build stronger and more meaningful relationships with community groups?

Include at least 3 outside scholarly source beyond the unit lesson, and the textbook. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed. This assignment and your Unit II Essay will be used again in a future assignment.

Fullan, Cuttress, and Kilcher (2005) claimed there were eight key components to creating effective and lasting change. In their article, they state, “the presence of the core concepts does not guarantee success, but their absence ensures failure” (p. 54).

Their eight core concepts are as follows:

1) engage people’s moral purpose,

2) build capacity,

3) understand the change process,

4) develop cultures for learning,

5) develop cultures of evaluation,

6) focus on leadership for change,

7) foster coherence making, and

8) cultivate tri-level development (pp. 54–64).

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