Psychological Assessment

Please design a Psychological Assessment for your new client, Gina.  Assessment MUST INCLUDE:

(a) Social/Behavioral history

(b) Medical Evaluation (include General Physical and Neurological exams that you would order)

(c) Psychosocial Assessment (tools you would use to determine the causes of her behavior)

(d) Diagnosis based on DSM V criteria

(e) and appropriate Treatment (what you would prescribe to treat Gina). 

Students are strongly encouraged to follow the Sample Psychological Assessment that follows Gina’s narrative/case.  Remember, you must use APA format to cite information from the course textbook.  This information will support your choices and claims.

*Gina’s disorder can be found in Chapter 15 of (Disorders of Childhood/Adolescence) the Course Textbook.

Gina was referred to a community clinic because of overactive, inattentive, and disruptive behavior.  Her hyperactivity and uninhibited behavior caused problems for her teacher and other students.  She would impulsively hit other children, knock things off their desks, erase material on the blackboard, and damage books and other school property.  She seemed to be in perpetual motion, talking, moving about, and darting from one area of the classroom to another.  She demanded an inordinate amount of attention from her parents and her teacher, and she was intensely jealous of other children, including her own brother and sister.  Despite her hyperactive behavior, inferior school performance, and other problems, she was considerably above average in intelligence.  Nevertheless, she felt stupid and had a seriously devaluated self-image.  Neurological tests revealed no significant organic brain damage (Butcher, Mineka & Hooley, 2011, p. 442).

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