Question Overview

QUESTIONS: CHOOSE 2 OF THE FOLLOWING 3 QUESTIONS (20 marks each/ 40 marks total)

1. AHHH…. Grading your own Creativity Test (sort of):

For this question, you are being asked to do the following:

a) Take 2 minutes to write down all the different uses you can think for a ‘Car’s Tire’. Write this list of ‘alternative uses’ on a blank page.

b) Now, score your list according to the criteria we’ve set out for the ‘alternative use test’.


i. Identify and explain the criteria you are using/would use to score this list as an alternative use test

ii. Next, write down your actual score according to that criteria (note, there is 1 criteria for which you will NOT be able to provide a score- here, just make one up on the basis of what you see/think about your own list).

iii. Finally, with your alternative use test properly scored, tell me: what, if anything, might be the value of ‘measuring creativity’ in terms of scientific understanding? Might this test you just did be a good way to measure our creativity?

2. Cognition and Creativity:

Building on the work of psychology, this course has proposed the idea that consciousness involves different streams of thought (System 1 and System 2). Moreover, we’ve explored these Systems as they might help us understand and interpret creativity and creative thought. Here, we’ve also been introduced to the notion that creativity may actually be a ‘dual process’ that is harmonized and integrated in the critical role of ‘incubation’. In this answer, I’m hoping you will explain your understanding of creativity as ‘dual process’ as well as the role of ‘incubation’ as cognitive process aiding creative insight and performance.

3. The Creative Process:

The core of most sequenced creativity problem-solving models is the balloon; aka., divergent thinking followed by convergent thinking. But, as we also seen, this ‘balloon’ can be built into the various stages of the creative process (and note- not all CPS models use the same stages). Drawing on the material we’ve encountered in both the readings and texts- discuss any four stages as they appear in any descriptions we’ve encountered of the creative process. Be sure to describe the stage and associated activities with the given stage.

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