sex-linked genetic disorder

For this discussion, research a sex-linked genetic disorder that is of interest to you. In your discussion post:

  1. thoroughly explain the disorder
  2. describe the symptoms of the disorder
  3. describe what happens to people who have this condition
  4. explain how the disorder is treated
  5. cite all references in APA format.

Note: You may not repeat a disorder/disease that one of your classmates has already discussed. If you choose the same disorder/disease, your post will not be considered for grading. Be sure to read through the posts before researching your own. Also, make sure to cite all references, and to include internal citations so that a specific piece of information can be connected with a specific source. (If you decide on a topic early, you may post a notice to reserve that topic while you do the research.) The topic of this discussion is Colorblindness

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