Social Welfare Exam

Social Work & Social Welfare;

Exam, Chapter 5: Family and Children’s Services

Please utilize the information from the chapter and answer the essay questions in reference to the case Study in the chapter: LaTanya Tracy, Child in Need of Protection and the movie Precious.  The chapter Core Competencies focus on Engagement, Intervention, and Research Informed Practice.

Please utilize at least TWO TERMS for EACH question.  Utilize the Core Competencies at least ONCE in any question of your choice.

What critical skills and strategies did Lauren White use to engage her client, who was involuntary, in a process that could lead toward needed change?

Box 5.1, The Case of Mary Ellen.  Relate the story to Precious’ life. How would a social worker intervene using the chapter as a reference?

Box 5.2 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child.  Reference each statement to a situation in Precious’ life.

A significant percentage of child and family services are offered by professional social workers.  Workers with this background can be instrumental in improving the quality of service.  Utilizing Box 5.3, A Continuum of Care, what would benefit La Tanya Tracy or Precious’ situation and why?

How does the “least restrictive environment” principle, which reflects a societal trend, shape social work practice with minor children at risk?  LaTanya Tracy

Women, children, and ethnic minority groups: populations at risk.  Box 5.5, Should single mothers be forced to work outside the home? Why?

What types of services would a social worker provide for either LaTanya Tracy or Precious?

Explain Self-Determination in LaTanya Tracy’s case.

Discuss Attachment theory and emotional bonding in relationship to Precious and her mother.

Diverse family structures, social work ethic of cultural competence.  Diverse groups have very different cultural expectations relating to family, including the importance attributed to different life-cycle transitions, intergenerational relationships, gender roles, and the like.

What does a social worker need to know?  Give some examples utilizing the chapter.  

Spirituality, religion and science can apply to clients in a very diverse manor.  Why is this important?  How would you relate to a client as a social worker that believes something different than your client?

How can social workers utilize their knowledge of international research findings to work for improvements in American social welfare policy?

How family friendly is the American workplace?  Why?

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