Social Work Exam

Social Work and Social Welfare Exam

Chapter 3: Social Justice, Poverty, and Populations at Risk.

Objective: To recognize, relate and explain competencies in Professional Identity, Human Behavior, Diversity in Practice and Human Right and Justice. This is an Essay exam.  Please type your work. For EACH question two or more terms will be used to explain your answer. Incorporate the four CORE COMPETENCIES throughout any of the questions. Bold print or underline all terms and core competencies used in each question.  Do not use the term as a definition but in a sentence that expresses proper explanation of the word.

All the following essay questions to be answered are in reference to the movie Precious. 

Please type your answers. 

1.  How would a social worker‘s behavior in the movie Precious demonstrate her professional identity?

2.  How would knowledge of Precious’ environmental conditions (home and neighborhood) shape a social workers’ understanding of Precious’ behavior?

3.  In what ways do you think social workers can help advance human rights and social and economic justice for Precious?

4.  How does our nation look at poverty?  What does it say about a nation’s commitment to social and economic justice (especially when we have the highest poverty rate out of all first world countries) when so many people, especially children, suffer poverty and malnutrition?

5.  Many populations are “at risk” in the United States, of what was Precious at risk, and why?  Her children at risk, and why?

6.  Many Americans agree that national security concerns should trump human rights, but legal and humanitarian protections lost to one are lost to all.  What is this statement discussing?

7.  Affirmative action should be maintained to assist in provision of equal opportunity for all.  Do you agree or disagree, and why?

8.  How would you utilize the strengths based perspective with Precious?

9.  What systems did Precious operate in and why?

10. What would be the best interventions for Precious and why?

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