Social Work Exam

Social Work and Social Welfare

Essay Exam

Chapter 6: Social Work and Mental Illness

The core competencies for this chapter focus on Engagement, Ethical and Professional Identity; and Intervention.

Based your answers on the Case Study: David Deerinwater.

All questions are to be answered in complete and thorough comments.  Use 2 or more terms for EACH question.  Core Competencies must be used at least once anywhere in the exam.  Number all questions accordingly.

  1. In demonstrating professional demeanor in behavior, appearance, and communication explain what aspects of social workers’ conduct could be of special concern in the mental health field?
  2. What would happen to the social work intervention process if the social worker was unable to build rapport, such as empathy and other interpersonal skills (engage), with David Deerinwater? 
  3. In what ways might social work ethics and values be especially challenging in the mental health field, conduct or decision making.
  4. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) 5 states clearly that it isn’t people who are diagnosed; their disorders are.  So it is not correct to speak of a schizophrenic, but it is appropriate to refer to a person with schizophrenia (APA, 2000).  What does this statement mean to you and why?
  5. In reference to analyzing, formulating, and advocating for policies that advance social well-being; what can be done to ensure that all people have access to the mental health care that they need?
  6. What are some issues relating to justice in the mental health field and how does environment play a role?
  7. Understanding diverse populations is very important and culture has a major role for a social workers.  What would be important for a social worker to know about Native American history and the Cherokee culture?
  8. How would you assess, intervene for and evaluate David Deerinwater?
  9. What kinds of healing did you see in the social worker’s role with David Deerinwater and his family?  How will this be sustained following his discharge from the hospital?
  10. How do social workers balance their personal values and beliefs with professional ethics in the mental health field when, for example, clients are verbally offensive?

How might social workers use their understanding of human behavior and social environments to identify and change the factors that exacerbate mental illness and sometimes lead to suicide in the United States?

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