Social Work Exam

  1. Objective: To recognize, relate and explain core competencies in ethical practice and professional behavior; human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice.  Incorporate the core competencies in your answers.
  2. This is an Essay exam.  Please type your work. 
  3. For EACH question two or more terms will be used to explain your answer. 

Do not use the term or competency as a definition but in a sentence that expresses proper explanation of the word.

  1. Please use the case study at the beginning of the chapter with Pamela Wright and Susan Dunn to explain how Pamela Wright utilized the core competencies from the chapter.
  1. If you were advising a fellow student interested in the social work program:
  • What would you let her know about receiving a proper education?  
  • Social Work licensure?
  • What advice would you give him/her to facilitate successful employment as a social worker when they graduates? 
  1.  Review Pamela’s professional competence as a social worker.  Identify the

    behavioral indicators of her practice behavior competence indicated in the case study.

  1.  Explain the educational and internship process to receive your Licensed Clinical

    Social Worker (LCSW).

  1. Explain the similarities and differences between the professions of social work and psychology.
  1. What might the outcome be if the NASW Social Work Code of Ethics did not contain a set of values?
  1. When you think about your home or campus community, what environmental hazards, especially in areas occupied by poor people, cry out for advocacy?  What should be Done?  By whom?  (Think of your research paper).
  1. What is the NASW? Why does it exist?
  1. What is the CSWE?  Why do they exist?
  1. After focusing on your journey through the social work profession, identify what resonates with you about social work.  Consider the ways in which you hope to facilitate change and pursue social justice. 

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