SOCIOLOGY 3220 Classroom Activity

Constructing and Interpreting tables

Use formula (%) = f/n (100) or (%) =p (100) to fill in missing data.

  1. What percentage of US citizens failed to complete high school?
  2. What percentage of US citizens has not completed at least a four-year degree (i.e. bachelors)?

The next table is derived from the same data source; however, it is stratified by gender and everything is already filled out.

  1. What percentage of women failed to earn at least a 4-year degree (i.e. bachelor’s degree)?
  2. What percentage of men failed to earn a degree more than a high school diploma (i.e. less than associates degree)?
  3. What percentage of women earned a Masters degree or higher?

Looking at Rates

Chicago is often the recipient of vast amounts of media attention surrounding its high frequency of homicides (mostly perpetuated by African Americans). CNN wrote an article highlighting the fact that the 762 murders committed in 2016 contributed to the highest total in 19 years. Gary, Indiana is a city that is covered much less than Chicago for its homicidal violence by the major news conglomerates. Which city is seemingly more dangerous?

Now let’s look at the data and calculate the rates of homicides to judge our assessments?

Chicago murders 2016:

Chicago total population 2016:

Gary, Indiana murders 2010:

Gary, Indiana total population 2010:

Which city is more dangerous in regards to murder? (Use data to make your point.)

Indiana: Has a higher murder percentage than Chicago.

Police murders of US citizens have received a lot of media attention for the past three years especially. The murders of Black youth have helped to spark the creation of the group Blacks Lives Matter. But how does the data shape up to our theories on police violence as it pertains to race? The data is below:

Whites killed: 494                   Total # whites in US: 197,200,000

Blacks killed: 258                    Total # Blacks in US: 42,000,000

Hispanics killed:  172              Total # Hispanics in US: 52,000,000

Others killed: 38

Unknown race killed: 28

Total killed: 990

Source: BBC news

From these numbers only, which group is more likely to be killed?

Which group is killed at the highest rate?

What is the Black to White ratio as it pertains to police killings?

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