Time-Phased Implementation Assignment

The Yourtown Government Building Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security will use a three-phased approach to the activation, management, and eventual deescalation of the COOP plan. (You will use the same incident/emergency you selected in Topic 3 for this assignment).

For this assignment use the Anytown example below to create a Time Phased Implementation chart for Yourtown, consistent with the type of information below.

You need to write 500-750 words in your final chart:

PhaseTime FrameActivity
Phase I- Activation and Relocation0-12 Hours· List who you would want to notify (likely alternate Anytown mayor/city manager/administrator/other VIP’s) of impending activation and relocation requirements.· List how you would best notify impacted Anytown, state, and or federal agencies (use any State and U.S. model).· Discuss how to activate plans to transfer to alternate facility within Anytown.· Instruct advance team(s) to ready alternate facility.· Notify likely Anytown employees and contractors regarding activation of COOP plan and their status.· Assemble a brief list of likely Anytown of documents/equipment required to be maintained for essential functions at alternate facility.· Order likely needed equipment/supplies as reflected by the emergency you selected in Topic 3.· List where you might transport vital documents and operate communications/dispatch.· Detail how you would secure original facility.· Describe how best to continue essential functions at the Anytown Gov’t Building, if available, until alternate facility is ready.· Answer where the operations and support teams would be coming from and how they would get there.· And, how best to activate operations and support teams as necessary.
Phase II- Alternate Facility/Work Site Operations12 Hours to Termination ofEmergency· Provide guidance to Anytown contingency team personnel and information to the public.· Identify likely replacements for missing personnel (delegation of authority and orders of succession).· Explain how to commence full execution of operations supporting essential functions at the alternate facility.
Phase III- ReconstitutionTermination of Emergency· Explain how best to inform all personnel and residents that the threat no longer exists.· Explain how to supervise return to normal operations.· Describe who should conduct a review of COOP plan execution and effectiveness.

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