Topic: lung cancer mortality

Topic: lung cancer mortality

Below create all the following for the topic above

· Sampling: A careful description of how the sample was obtained. Be very specific! Include sample sizes, the population of interest, and a description of the sample. Also, include a copy of the survey if you used one.

· Select a topic with a numeric variable (these are numbers that can be meaningfully used to create summary statistics). You are encouraged to look at sports data, real estate data, and criminal statistic data. 

· Find ACTUAL data (see links below to help you look). Include your formal references in APA format to the data you have decided to use.

· Ensure that you have a sample size of 20 (MINIMUM) as 30 would be preferred. It can be larger and that’s great, but 20 is the minimum. 

· Descriptive Statistics: Any descriptive statistics relevant to your project should be included.

· You are required to give the mean, mode, median, and standard deviation of your data set. You may include other calculations if they support your work. 

· At least two graphs (such as box plots, scatter plots, stem-and-leaf, histograms, etc.) should be part of your project. The graphs can be a way to summarize descriptive statistics.

· Hypothesis:

· From your data, what do you expect to see/happen? 

· What are you hoping to learn?

· Working references in APA format.

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