What is “Art” Homework

This first homework task to begin with is simple. Write a paragraph of at least five sentences describing what “Art” is in your own words. By your own definition and understanding what is “Art”? 

We do this because we simply can not begin to appreciate something unless we truly know what that thing is, and the word “Art” is in fact a difficult and complicated word to define for many reasons. For example the Ancient Greeks referred to “Art” as “techne”, which can mean practical and productive craft.

Similarly until before the Renaissance, most artists were the same as other craftsmen. A painter creating fine art in the middle ages was considered a craftsman just like a carpenter or stone mason or other practical worker. This contrasts so extremely to the definition of some modern art of the past one hundred years that it literally makes “Art” a term now almost impossible to define due to its ability to encompass so many different things.

 I equate the word “Art” to the word “Nature” in the manner of how everything is also technically “Nature”. It is by no surprise that there is a lot of philosophy regarding “Art” and there always has been. For our purposes we need not go too far down this road, but it is at least something to be aware of as you complete your first homework task of defining “Art” in your own words. 

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